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This post covers Aesthetics for Internet Programming.

Aesthetics in Modern Web Design

  • visual appearance of the website, web application, or mobile app developed using front-end technologies.
    • menus, buttons, images, icons, colors, fonts, etc.
    • interactive features, such as sounds, animations, symbols, etc.
  • Aesthetics act as the reflection of the company, and they should be designed according to the nature and genre of the business.

  • Modern Web Design

    Applications of Aesthetics

    • Aesthetics in Marketing and Sales
      • Aesthetics play a critical role in online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms by focusing on the target audience.
      • Websites with multiple components separate product categories instead of bombarding the user with different products on the screen.
      • This results in more targeted sales. Similarly, different products on websites are marketed via images and short videos to increase their visual appeal.
      • Aesthetics help in marketing because a good design can help in branding. The image or logo of the site should be eye-catching, and its placement should be made clear.
    • Aesthetics in Customer Attraction and Conversion
      • Most users like applications that effectively deliver them the information they’re looking for. Since websites are linked to databases and data warehouses to fetch the information, efficiency and time restrictions are extremely crucial. Keeping users on a webpage while information is being queued can be a problem.
      • Responsive applications have website interactions with the user to maintain this connection. Examples of such interactive activities can be loading bars with percentages or buffering signs for videos.
      • Tips:
      • Customers always prefer websites that have a smooth flow and consistent color aesthetic.
      • Sticking too many ads between different web pages and putting images or other options everywhere can be disadvantageous.
      • A website with a responsive team available for customers to contact has a higher chance of increasing its audience than a dead site.
      • A team using social media and other chat platforms can help maintain a connection with customers.
    • Modern web designs are created using the latest Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) because they are much more advanced in user support and features.
    • Modern applications are designed using scripting languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
    • Specific frontend libraries include: React.js, Next.js, Three.js, and Angular. For mobile application development, React Native and Flutter are commonly used because of their cross-platform capabilities.