Tableau - Data Aggregation

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This post covers Data Aggregation.

Data Aggregation

  • Import data set and create chart for sales of different countries
  • Select sales icon in row/columns and change the function from sum to Average
  • Which country has the highest average sales (assuming no filter applied) - Lesotho
  • How much is the average sales for the county that has highest sales - 1,119
  • Create a chart of Total Profit vs Product ID
    • Which product has the highest profit: TEC-CO-3691
    • Which product has the highest loss: TEC-MA-3854
  • Drag Product ID to Filter; select Top by Field; Top 50 Profit by Sum
    • Which product has the least profit among top 50 profitable products - OFF-ST-4266
  • Drag Order Date to Columns and Sales to Rows; Select Quarter Year from Order Option and Sum from Sales
    • Which Quarter Year has the highest sales - Q4 2015