Tableau - Calculated Field

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This post covers Calculated Field.


  • Currency Conversions
  • Rounding Price

Calculated Field

  • Import data set and create chart for sales of different countries
  • Create a new calculated field - Profit Ratio (Total Profit/Total Sales)
    • Select Analysis from main top tool bar-> Create Calculated Field
    • Type Name of field and write SUM([Profit])/SUM([Sales]) as value
    • Drag Country to Row; Segment to columns; Profit Ratio to Text Card
      • Which country has highest Profit Ratio for Consumer segment: Oman, 0.483
  • Create a new calculated field - Discount Ratio
    • IIF([Sales] !=0, [Discount]/[Sales], 0)
      • IIF(test, then, else, [unknown])
      • IF test THEN value END
      • IF test THEN value ELSE else END
      • IF test1 THEN value1 ELSEIF test2 THEN value2 ELSE else END
    • Drag Country to Rows; Segment to columns; Discount to Text
    • Which country has the highest discount ratio under consumer:
      • US