Tableau - Dashboard and Stories

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This post covers Dashboard and Stories.

Dashboard and Stories

  • Dashboard - present views with interactivity using filters, legends
  • Stories - Narrated walkthroughs of sheets or dashboards called story points
  • Create worksheet for Scatter Chart of Sales and Profit
    • Drag Sales to columns; Profit to Rows;
    • Drag Category; Sub-Category; Market; Segment to Detail
    • Change name of sheet to Scatterplot
  • Create worksheet for sales trend
    • Drag Order Date to columns; Segment to Rows; Sales to Rows
    • Change Sheet Name to Sales Trend
  • Create Dashboard
    • Drag Scatterplot and Sales Trend to Dashboard
  • Create Story
    • Drag Scatterplot to Story point
    • Create a new Story Point from left Panel and Drag Sales Trend
    • Change Caption