Tableau - Filtering and Sorting

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This post covers Filtering and Sorting

Filtering and Sorting

  • Filtering by
    • Category/Location
    • Date Range
    • Min/Max
    • Top N
  • Types of Filters
    • Dimension Filters
    • Measure Filters
    • Other Filters - not covered
  • Dimension Filter (Blue): Discrete Categorical Data
    • Select values
    • Wildcard Pattern
    • Conditions
    • Top/Bottom
  • Measure Filter (Green): Quantitative data
    • Range of values
    • At least, At most, or equal
    • Null or non-null values


  • defaults alphabetical sorting on dimension
  • Can be sorted by metric (e.g profit/sales) ascending/descending


  • Import data set and create chart for sales of different countries

    • Country to Rows
    • Sales to Columns
  • Sort the chart in accordance to sales (Highest sales on the top)

    • Use sorting icon in the main tool bar
    • Use sorting icon near the label of axis
  • Filter so that sales should at least be 100,000

    • Drag sales to filter or click show filter on sales
    • Select the appropriate option in Filter option