Tableau - Forecasting

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This post covers Forecasting.


  • At least one date dimension and one measure in the view

    • When no date dimension, numeric dimension may be used
  • Connect to Superstore data source

  • Drag Order date to Columns and Sales/Profit to Rows

  • Drag Forecast from Analytics or Right click inside view and select show Forecast

  • Now drag Segment to Columns

  • Right Click and select Forecast Options and change forecast length

  • Change Predication Interval

  • Click Tooltip in the Marks card and edit the message

  • Click ShowMe and select Table

  • Task

    • Forecast Shipping cost
    • Forecast sales w.r.t Order Priority
      • Drag
        • Order Date to Columns;
        • Sales to Rows;
        • Order Priority to Rows
      • Drag Order Priority to Color
      • Drag Forecast from Analytics
      • Select Axis Label and format font size and select bold
      • Drag Measure (e.g. Sales) to Tool Tip; select forecast result and precision
      • Click toolbar tip and insert Precision of measure
        • See Precision in Estimate
  • Exponential Smoothing

    • Tableau uses exponential smoothing to find a regular pattern in measures that can be continued into the future.