Tableau - Geo Map

1 minute read


This post covers geo maps.

  • A symbol map
    • uses symbols to represent a central point of a geographic region.
  • A filled map
    • shows boundaries of a geographic region, filled with color.
  • Geographical Data
    • Latitude, y-axis
    • Longitude, x-axis
  • Maps
    • can be plotted with Latitude and Longitude
    • Country/Regions

Symbol Map

  • Drag the Region/State to View or Double click Region/State
  • Select Marks Card to circle
  • Drag first measure to Size on the Marks card
  • Drag first/second measure to Color on the Marks card
  • Adjust Color
    • Click Color on the Marks card.
    • Display the Border menu and select the black color.
    • Click outside the menu to close the Border menu.
    • Display the Halo menu and select None.
    • Close the Halo menu.
    • Move the Opacity slider to 75%.

Filled Map

  • Drag the Region/State to View or Double click Region/State
  • Select marks card to map
  • Drag Measure/Profit to color on the marks Card
  • May add detail e.g. Region/State to Label Marks Card
  • Adjust Color


  • Connect to Superstore data source
  • Creating a Symbol Map
    • Double click State under Dimension
    • Drag the State to View
  • Select Map mark-type from marks card
  • Drag Profit to Color
  • From Measures, Drag Latitude (generated) to rows [Two Latitude now]
    • Tableau will show two map views
    • Tableau will also show two Latitude in the Marks Card
  • In one Latitude marks card, select Pie mark type
    • Drag sales to size
    • Drag Category to Color
    • Click size on the mark card to adjust size
  • Right click second Latitude field and select dual axis
  • Map now shows sum of profit and sum of sales for each category