Tableau - Trend Lines

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This post covers Trend Lines.

Trend Lines

  • Connect to Superstore data source
  • Create chart of Quarter Year vs Profit
    • Quarter Year (Order Date) to Columns
    • Profit to Rows
  • Click Analytics Tab
  • Drag Trend Line and select linear option
    • Right click the line to change it to polynomial option
  • Drag Average Line
  • Drag Reference Line
  • Note:
    • Both axis must contain a field that can be interpreted as a number.
    • Year/Quarter/month and sales is ok since date/time can be interpreted as numeric.
  • Show Trend of sales vs quarter year for each category and region
    • Drag Category to columns
    • Drag Region to Rows
    • Drag Sales to Rows
    • Drag Ship Date to Columns (change to quarter year)
    • Drag Trend line from Analytics