Geo-social profile matching algorithm for dynamic interests in ad-hoc social network

Published in Social Networking, 2014

Recommended citation: Nagender Aneja, Sapna Gambhir "Geo-social profile matching algorithm for dynamic interests in ad-hoc social network." Social Networking, 2014. vol. 3 pp. 240 doi: 10.4236/sn.2014.35029

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Abstract: Among mobile users, ad-hoc social networks (ASN) are becoming a popular platform to connect and share their interests anytime, anywhere. Many researchers and computer scientists investigated ASN architecture, implementation, user experience, and different profile-matching algorithms to improve user experience in ad-hoc social networks. We emphasize that the strength of an ad-hoc social network depends on a good profile-matching algorithm that provides meaningful friend suggestions in proximity. Keeping a browsing history is a good way to determine a user’s interests. However, interests change with location. This paper presents a novel profile-matching algorithm for automatically building a user profile based on dynamic GPS (Global Positing System) location and browsing history of users. Building a user profile based on the GPS location of a user provides benefits to ASN users as this profile represents the user’s dynamic interests that keep changing with location, e.g., office, home, or some other location. The proposed profile-matching algorithm maintains multiple local profiles based on the mobile device’s location.