Pronunciation Scoring with Goodness of Pronunciation and Dynamic Time Warping

Published in IEEE Access, 2023

Recommended citation: Kavita Sheoran, Arpit Bajgoti, Rishik Gupta, Nishtha Jatana, Geetika Dhand, Charu Gupta, Pankaj Dadheech, Umar Yahya, Nagender Aneja "Pronunciation Scoring with Goodness of Pronunciation and Dynamic Time Warping." IEEE Access, 2023. doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3244393

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Abstract: The current pronunciation scoring based on Goodness of Pronunciation (GOP) uses posterior probabilities of the Acoustic Models. Such algorithms suffer from generalization since they are utilized to determine a score metric for each phoneme rather than on the completeness or comparison with the ideal utterance of the words. This paper proposes a novel method to overcome such limitations by using combined scores of prosodic, fluency, completeness, and accuracy. This is achieved using context-aware GOP in conjugation with dynamic time warping (DTW) matching of the pitch contours of a weighted average of the context tokens found in the audio file that is rich in mispronounced phonemes. The proposed work gives flexibility in tuning the results according to different speech aspects based on a single hyperparameter. The results achieved are encouraging and have been validated on the speechocean762 dataset, where Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model has been trained on the Librispeech dataset. The resultant mean error of the proposed approach is 3.38% and the value of the correlation coefficient achieved is 0.652.