Protecting Internet Traffic: Security Challenges and Solutions

Published in IEEE Internet Technology Policy Community White Paper, 2017

Recommended citation: Mohammed Aledhari, Sukanya Mandal, Nagender Aneja, Mikael Dautrey, Rajesh Nighot, Prasad Mantri, Jared Bielby "Protecting Internet Traffic: Security Challenges and Solutions." IEEE Internet Technology Policy Community White Paper, 2017.

(IEEE White Paper)

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Abstract: The purpose of the following white paper is to present a set of well-introduced internet traffic security guidelines and best practices that others can use for future standards, certifications, laws, policies, and product ratings. While most, if not all, of the following guidelines apply to all internet-connected devices, the presented guidelines focus on internet traffic security best practices for wired or wireless networks. They detail security mechanisms necessary for consideration at the manufacturing design phase rather than after the deployment of devices to internet service providers and end users. The paper leads with the assertion that a thorough study on protecting internet traffic does not yet exist and proposes, based on our findings, that existing technology is insufficient to protect internet traffic. The best practices presented are centered around countering and preventing malicious activity. Setting up a secure network with industry-standard security protocols can proactively address an unsecured network’s risk and potential legal liabilities.