Social profile aware AODV Protocol for ad-hoc social networks

Published in Wireless Personal Communications, 2017

Recommended citation: Nagender Aneja, Sapna Gambhir "Social profile aware AODV Protocol for ad-hoc social networks." Wireless Personal Communications, 2017. vol. 97 pp. 4161--4182 doi: 10.1007/s11277-017-4718-x

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Abstract: Ad-hoc social networks are required to strengthen local communication between people. Mobile ad-hoc social networks have emerged as self-configuring and self-organizing social networks to facilitate interactions among different mobile users without Internet. Contextual routing based on social patterns has been proposed and advantageous for ad-hoc social networks. Social profile aware routing protocol proposed in this paper allows users to use social networking applications using social routing protocol. The protocol has been implemented on network simulator ns-2 and is also available as a patch file for other researchers. Results indicate protocol has low overhead with 64 nodes. Results have been presented for packet delivery ratio, and average end-to-end delay. The need of multi-hop social network was also studied and observed that probability of nodes being connected at mult-hop increases with increment of number of nodes and geographical area.