Internet Programming and Development (SS-2201)

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Digital Science, 2021

Students will learn the latest technologies including Python in the field of Internet Programming.


  • Protocols and standards: URI, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, MIME, cookie;
  • Markup and formatting languages: HTML, XML, CSS;
  • Design: aesthetics, navigation, security
  • Accessibility: for users with disability, devices with small screen;
  • Contents: text, graphics, multimedia, logical versus physical markups
  • Client-side programming: document object model, dynamic contents and attributes, asynchronous access, filtration and validation of form data;
  • Server-side programming: reading and pre-populating forms, reading and setting cookies, database access, session handling

Students Project

  • Developing blog site using Flask and MySQL



  • Examination: 50%
  • Coursework: 50%
    • 2 class tests (20%)
    • 1 written assignment (15%)
    • 1 laboratory exercise (15%)