U.S. Patent Publication, 2015

Recommended citation: Aneja, N., and Aneja, S. "Anti-fraud computer implemented method for financial card transaction." U.S. Patent Publication 2015/0339,657, filed May 23, 2014, published Nov 26, 2015. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/06/22/8e/674c30a57d0fe8/US20150339657A1.pdf

A computer implemented method for a financial transaction via a financial card which by default is in blocked state is described. The method comprises receiving a request in form of a message to unblock the financial card for a predetermined duration. The request is received from an electronic communicating device (ECD) by a financial institution server (FIS). The electronic communicating device has a number wherein the number is registered with the financial card. On receiving the request, the financial institution server verifies the request and genuineness of the user and after verification authorizes the request and the financial card gets unblocked for the predetermined duration.

US 2015/0339,657

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